Substance Abuse Specialist

Program Summary
The Homeless Outreach and Stabilization Team (HOST) of Bonita House Inc., is a Full-Service Partnership (FSP) providing an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) model of care to adults with histories of chronic homelessness, severe and persistent psychiatric disorders, and co-occurring substance use disorders, disabilities, and chronic health conditions. The team works collaboratively with clients to provide case management, peer support, medical care, psychiatric care, vocational services, and housing. 

Position Summary
The Substance Abuse Specialist is a member of the service coordination team specializing in substance abuse disorders and recovery. Per the ACT model, most of the work is performed with clients in the field. The SAS will serve multiple functions, providing counseling, coaching, skills building, brokerage, group facilitation, budget assistance, outreach, socialization, education, assessment, service planning, risk assessment, crisis intervention, and safety planning.

Duties and Responsibilities
1) Assist with ongoing assessment of clients by engaging with them and their relevant support people to collect information regarding their personal and trauma history, life domain functioning, strengths, cultural factors, behavioral health needs, substance use, and risk behaviors.
2) Using information gathered during ongoing assessment, work collaboratively with clients to determine their greatest areas of need and create mental health service plan objectives to address them. 
3) Using the service plan as a guide, work directly with clients to provide a variety of services to help them achieve their objectives, with a specific focus on objectives relating to their substance use. These will include: brokerage to other agencies/programs, community resources, and peer groups; psychoeducation to enable clients to identify and manage triggers, cravings, and use cues; coaching to support clients in developing important recovery skills; authentic engagement to build rapport and role model/develop social skills; supportive counseling, including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral interventions, stage-based interventions, illness management and recovery, and integrated dual-diagnosis treatment; facilitation of psychoeducational and/or support groups; linkage to other team members/specialists; crisis-intervention, risk assessment, and safety planning.
4) Using the service plan, documented progress notes, and client feedback, work with clients to reinforce progress and make changes to objectives and interventions as needed to improve outcomes. 
5) Serve as an advocate for client access to resources, rights, self-determination, strengths, and needs. Act as a leader, demonstrating strength, self-care, resiliency, creativity, resourcefulness, and hope in the face of hardship. 
6) Build and maintain relationships within the team to collaborate effectively with all other team members, as well as with outside agencies, in order to facilitate positive outcomes for clients. 
7) Reserve the necessary time each day to complete accurate, timely, and clinically useful documentation that meets Medi-Cal and ACBHCS standards and which can be effectively used by the team to monitor risk, track progress, and plan for next steps with each client served. 
8) Orient work around the mission of Bonita House: "Building community, dignity and hope with people recovering from psychiatric and substance use disorders," and engage in ethical practice, following the Bonita House Corporate Compliance policy and HIPPA guidelines, in order to preserve the dignity, privacy, and self-determination of our clients. 
9) Bring a combination of relevant education, training, professional experience, and lived experience for the benefit of the clients and team. Honestly represent personal competency and engage in ongoing professional development in order to facilitate positive and lasting outcomes for HOST clients. 
10) Possess and cultivate relevant knowledge to the position, including current theories and practices for treatment of mental health and substance use disorders, knowledge about the current and historical socio-political context of the client population, available community resources, common issues and barriers faced by clients, and methods for evaluating client progress. 
11) Operate from a place of cultural humility and open-mindedness, expressing genuine interest in the experiences and identities of our clients, identifying and challenging personal biases, linking to culturally appropriate resources, and facilitating growth that is meaningful by the client's own standards. 
12) Engage in self-evaluation and improvement, working collaboratively with peers, meeting for weekly supervision to identify professional strengths and areas for growth, and receiving constructive feedback as an opportunity to develop professionally. 
13) Engage in effective time management in a fast-paced and quickly evolving environment, using organization skills, technology, and excellent judgement around prioritization to ensure that high quality client care and essential job functions are achieved daily. Organize the work day so that at least 65% of time is spent providing direct mental health services to clients. 
14) Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Work Environment
Approximately 75% of the workday is spent in the field at various community locations, including client homes, homeless encampments, community agencies, vehicles, medical offices, etc. The SAS will at times need to work in a moderately unsanitary environment, using precautionary measures as advised (gloves, face mask, etc.). The SAS will at times need to lift and carry moderately sized objects during services (boxes and bags of personal belongings, small furniture items, groceries, etc.). 
Approximately 25% of the workday in spent a temperature-controlled office environment performing a variety of functions, including participation in meetings, documentation, making phone calls, and completing paperwork. At least 1-2 hours spent typing each day. 
Approximately 1 week per month staff will be on call during hours when the office is closed (nights and weekends) and will need to carry the on-call mobile phone and binder at all times and be able to respond to calls within 1 hour.

1) Be credentialed as a CATC, CADC, or CAODC.
2) Must be comfortable with and enthusiastic about working with adults who may be homeless and/or maintain poor personal and home hygiene; experience acute psychiatric symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, mania, or suicidality; are actively using substances and may be intoxicated or in withdrawal; have physical disabilities and/or health conditions that require reasonable accommodation. 
3) Must possess a valid California driver's license, a driving record acceptable by Bonita House's insurance company, and personal vehicle they are comfortable using for work and which is properly insured, titled, and registered. 
4) Must possess excellent communication skills, including written, verbal, and non-verbal communication.
5) Must have basic ability to navigate computer programs, Microsoft Office Suite, smart phones, and other technology as needed. The SAS must be willing and eager to learn how to use unfamiliar technology and programs in order to increase communication and efficiency on the team. 
6) Must be able to meet the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 requirements.

Salary and Benefits
The position is FLSA non-exempt, 40 hours/week at $22.28/hour ($46,342.40/year).
We offer a comprehensive benefit package to include: medical, dental, chiropractic and acupuncture plans, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, tax deferred annuity plan, FSA, credit union, retirement plan, educational assistance plan, legal services program, and an excellent paid time off package.

How to Apply
Mail/Email resume and cover letter detailing related experience to: 
Bonita House Inc. 
Attention: HR Department 
6333 Telegraph Avenue, #102 
Oakland, CA 94609 

Email: resumes@ (please include resume in the body of your email, in addition to attaching). Please type job title in subject line.

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Appropriate candidates will be contacted. 
Bonita House is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to diminishing the influence of privilege and discrimination in our field and our workplace, whether due to differences concerning age, citizenship, color, disability, marital or parental status, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Individuals with "lived experience" similar to those of the HOST participants are strongly encouraged to apply.