CHOICES for Community Living Program is a large scale pilot project in Alameda County's adult mental health system geared at implementing a positive vision of how recovery principles can change individuals and whole systems of care. CHOICES primary objective is to promote wellness and recovery for CHOICES partners to bring about organizational transformation to ACBHCS.  This will be directly accomplished by integrating evidence based practices in peer mentoring, housing assistance, employment training and care management.
Bonita House, Inc. CHOICES Housing Program (BCHP)
The BHI CHOICES Housing Program (BCHP) assists CHOICES partners in finding high quality and affordable independent housing. Partners utilize their housing subsidy to select a home of their choice according to their life needs. With our BCHP Housing Specialists, partners will develop an Individualized Housing Plan (IHP) according to their immediate objectives and receive on-going support from the BCHP Housing Specialists team to achieve their housing goals and be successful tenants.  BCHP Housing Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to landlord and property manager requests or concerns and CHOICES partner needs.
Housing Services Include:
  • Housing Subsidies: Fixed monthly subsidies of $600 for 3 years, to be used towards establishing a permanent home. BCHP provides partners with real housing choices in Alameda County.
  • Tenant/Housing Education: Ongoing intensive tenant, life and job training and proactive in-home services by Housing Specialists to ensure partners' lasting and successful tenancy.
  • Support: In collaboration with CHOICES providers, partners have access to a wide range of services to prepare them for financial and residential independence at the completion of their 3 years CHOICES housing subsidy.