Berkeley Creative Wellness Center (CWC)

Founded in 1971, the Berkeley Creative Wellness Center (CWC) is a socialization program for adults who have significant mental health problems.

Operating two and a half days a week in the South Berkeley Community Church, CWC
provides socialization, rehabilitation and counseling services to clients - who are called members in this clubhouse model program.

Groups include:  art studio/art therapy, creative writing, support group, self-esteem group, recovery group,  men's/women's groups, living skills, yoga, and pre-vocational training. The program serves approximately 130 individuals each year.

CWC is open Mondays and Fridays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. and Tues. from 9:15 to noon.  Nutritious lunches are provided Mondays and Fridays for a nominal charge to members, volunteers and staff.

CWC's art program, funded in part by the City of Berkeley Arts Commission, has been a dynamic part of the program for many years.  There have been numerous exhibits of members' work in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The largest exhibit From Isolation to Connection featured 25 artists and 100 pieces of art work.  (Click here for a video of the show.)

 After viewing  the CWC art gallery, if you are interested in purchasing artwork please email who will forward it to the artist.

At Bonita House, we actively solicit feedback from those we serve in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our programs. Please click here for the most recent results of our Client Satisfaction Surveys for the CWC program.