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This area of our site is still under construction. We will continue to provide additional information regarding dual diagnosis, its treatment and services available in the community.

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Reading List

For Families of People with Serious Mental Illness

Factual Information

The Broken Brain: The Biological Revolution in Psychiatry by Nancy C. Andreasen (Harper and Row 1984) - Provides a very readable discussion of the bio-medical aspects of serious mental illnesses, including a description of how the brain works.


The following Web sites offer a wide variety of resources for those interested in learning about mental illness and substance abuse.

NAMI-East Bay 2010 Speaker Notes National Alliance on Mentally Illness - East Bay Chapter, July 28, 2010: Bonita House's Rebecca Woolis presents some thoughts on recovery.


Isn't Bonita House a residential treatment program?

Bonita House was the agency's flagship program first opened in 1971 by a group of concerned citizens and mental health consumers as a more humane response to traditional psychiatric institutionalization. Since that time the agency, Bonita House, Incorporated, has expanded its services considerably, including four other residential sites, case management services, and a day socialization program.

What do you mean by "dual diagnosis"?

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