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Bonita House was awarded the Cal-WORKS program and will be working to implement it in the coming months.
Program Details (from the county):
  • Mental health services are a national mandate for Welfare to Work recipients who have mental
    health barriers which prevent them from acquiring competitive work on their own. Since 2007,
    Alameda County Social Services Agency (SSA), which administers CalWORKs, has an
    agreement with BHCS to provide mental health services to eligible CalWORKs WTW program
    participants with mental health barriers to employment.
  • Many CalWORKs WTW participants with mental health barriers continue to encounter
    challenges, including:

    • Limited treatment engagement: 60% of mental health referrals from SSA do not translate
      to BHCS episode openings;
    • Competing care-taking demands (e.g., difficulty in finding childcare, sick or disabled
      children or family members);
    • Misaligned treatment duration limits: consumers can be discharged mid-treatment cycle
      due to their WTW eligibility status; and
    • The difficulty of securing employment with a salary adequate to support economic self sufficiency
      for a family within the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • This program aims to address these challenges by adding evidence based Individual
    Placement and Support (IPS) practices2 and an array of mental health services to the current
    CalWORKs Mental Health Program.
  • As this program is funded through SSA, services are time-limited, following WTW eligibility guidelines
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