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Community Assessment & Transport Team (CATT)

The first of its kind in Alameda County, the Community Assessment and Transport Team (CATT) Program was developed in collaboration with Alameda County Behavioral Health Services, Alameda County Emergency Medical Services, Falck Ambulance Company and Bonita House, to provide assessment, crisis management, transportation and referral as appropriate to individuals presenting behavioral emergencies in the community. CATT is comprised of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Behavioral Health Clinician who respond to calls of suicide and self-harm in public settings including assisting individuals who present as disoriented, delusional and/or exhibiting symptoms of intoxication. In addition to behavioral health assessment and de-escalation, the CATT EMT is qualified to provide basic medical treatment (such as wound care, prevention of infection) to reduce the need for hospitalization care and decrease the chances of furthering mental health decompensation. CATT Teams are 100% field-based and respond to 911 calls only.

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