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In-Home Outreach Team (IHOT)

The Bridges to Recovery In-Home Outreach Team (IHOT) is a short-term outreach, engagement and linkage to community services for individuals with severe mental illness. Our approach is a trauma informed, and compassionate alternative to AB1421. We serve adults age 25+ in North/Central County for 90 to 120 days through five phases of care, with sensitive, culturally responsive approaches which consider the client and family’s pace as well as their individual stage of change.

Family members are prominently included in engagement, planning for services, and linked to a variety of supports designed to help them assist their family members, while addressing their own needs and stressors. The Bridges to Recovery (BTR) IHOT operates Monday-Friday. The five-person IHOT team includes a Licensed (LPHA) Program Manager, a Case Manager, a Peer Support Specialist, a Family Specialist/Coach, and Administrative Support. Program hours of operations are 8:30 a.m-5:00 p.m.

Five Phases of IHOT Client Response:

  1. Referral
    • Through ACCESS and initial contact with client, family or community member
  2. Outreach
    • Continued contact with client, family or community member. In-Person or Phone, Text Message, Email as needed
  3. Engagement
    • Weekly engagement paired with concrete supports (transportation, hygiene kits, medical advocacy etc.)
  4. Linkage
    • Connect clients with ongoing, community based recovery services
  5. Follow-up
    • Individually tailored
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