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Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

The Individual Placement and Support Services Program is an evidence –based approach to supported employment for people recovering from mental health and substance use disorders. Helping individuals at their own pace to set and achieve goals by obtaining meaningful roles through gainful employment working in jobs of their choice. Working within an interdisciplinary team, the program will include (a Career Profile, Skill Building, Rapid Job-search, Placement Support and Benefits Counseling). Mainstream education and technical training are included as ways to advance career paths. d

  • IPS is based on 8 principles 

Workforce Development Expert with two decades of experience building relationships with employers within the greater Bay Area, a proven track record of successful employment placement; with high ethical standards committed to providing consistent and dependable employment support with compassion and respect tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

The IPS Employment Services Program is here to work with you individually at your own pace working to support you in achieving your employment goals. 

Your IPS Employment Specialist will help you identify your strengths and skills gained through current, past employment, volunteer positions and as well as transferable skills gained through lived experience.

As a Workforce Development Expert, we are committed to providing support with compassion and respect; your program will be tailored specifically to you.

Our work TOGETHER will include: 

  • A Career Profile (over the first 30 days we will highlight your employment goals, work, education, volunteer history and job search plan)
  • Skill Building (Organization, Time Management, Communication, Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Coping Skills, Presentation Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, Workability Skills, Resume Building, Soft Skills Coaching, Interview Training and Job Applications Skills)
  • Rapid Job-search/Placement Support (identifying and acquiring a part-time or full-time job of your choice in the community)
  • Benefits Counseling (for you to acquire accurate information to make informed decisions about your financial future and employment goals)

(Speak with your Case Manager on how to receive a Referral today) 


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