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Bonita House, Inc. (BHI) provides expert specialized services  to some of society's most vulnerable members—people living with co-occurring disorders.

Most people we work with have more than two major conditions that significantly impact their lives. Someone with schizophrenia and alcohol dependence may also have PTSD, and use crack cocaine and marijuana. All of these issues must be recognized and addressed at the same time, in the same place.

At BHI we have designed services specifically for the treatment of co-occurring disorders. We use an integrated treatment model, treating both psychiatric and substance use disorders equally and concurrently. Each disorder receives primary treatment which includes understanding the interaction and complications from the co-occurring disorders.

We also recognize the profound impact that joblessness, poverty, stigma, and the prejudice people encounter due to their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity; has on an individual, and must be addressed in any plan for recovery.

We keep the individual human being foremost in the process. We work with whole people, not diagnoses or symptoms. We see people living with psychiatric and substance use disorders as having conditions which are treatable and livable. Recovery is both the process and the outcome. We understand recovery as people living clean and sober, regaining control of their lives, having a valued social role, and having hope in the future and what they can become.

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