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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living Program (SIL) – Case Management Adult Level 1 Service Team (Dual Diagnosis) 

SIL serves adults 18 years of age or older that either live in Alameda County or have Alameda County Medi-Cal. Services are provided to adults with severe and persistent mental illness resulting in an impairment of their ability to manage activities of daily living. It is a priority for the team to serve individuals with a co-occurring substance use disorder, however clients may include individuals who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, who are undocumented or have limited English proficiency as well as individuals who are sex offenders.  

The program operates Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. As a community based program services are provided in a variety of locations to meet the specific needs of the population served. The program office is located at 6333 Telegraph Ave, Ste 102, Oakland, CA 94609.  

Clients are referred to SIL exclusively through ACHB Acute Crisis Care and Evaluation for System Wide Services (ACCESS). Referrals to ACCESS can come from sources including family members, behavioral health care providers, primary care providers, psychiatric providers, etc; including self-referral. Services are provided to the clients free of charge. Services that are reimbursable through Medi-Cal are reimbursed through Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services.  

Once enrolled, clients receive outpatient mental health services, case management services, crisis intervention, medication support (including dispensing medication) and employment assistance to support clients in attaining a level of autonomy in the community. These services are provided by a case management team that includes clinicians, mental health rehab specialists, psychiatric NP, and IPS trained employment specialist. Clients are referred out for substance use treatment, primary care and individual therapy. 


The Bonita House Supported Independent Living housing program is small group housing designed to meet the housing support needs of adults with severe mental health and substance abuse issues who do not require 24-hour live-in supervision.

The program provides long-term homes for mentally ill substance abusers who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Residents in the program live in apartments or houses (in groups of 1-7) owned by Bonita House. The residents are responsible for paying the rent, buying and preparing their food, cleaning, etc. Resident managers provide peer support and training in these areas.

The program is a clean and sober housing program and not for individuals that are actively psychotic, excessively aggressive, or current substance abusers. The program provides treatment and recovery support in a safe, sober, affordable living environment. Services are provided to the residents through a required weekly housing support group and individual counseling sessions as needed.

The program provides small, structured, therapeutic communities in which residents receive counseling, drug and alcohol education, life skills training, and advocacy services. Each house forms an environment in which residents are empowered to create lives of personal meaning, encouraged to make their own decisions, and assisted to develop and manage their supports to live, work, and play in a community of their choice.

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