Building Strong Minds,
Strengthening Our Community

Bonita House is dedicated to promoting mental wellness and providing social services to individuals in need. We strive to build a supportive community where everyone feels heard, valued, and empowered to achieve their full potential.



About Bonita House

Bonita House, Inc., a private, nonprofit agency founded in 1971, offers services to adults with serious psychiatric challenges, and specializes in treatment for individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Our continuum of care includes dual diagnosis residential treatment, wellness center day programs, supported independent living, housing, outreach & engagement, employment services, and mobile crisis response teams throughout Alameda County.

Our Mission

Building community, dignity, hope and wellness through services that support recovery and self-sufficiency with people who are living with serious mental health challenges.


Our Core Values

MargoSparks - Dog

Committed to caring, dignity, kindness

Scott Lindberg - Water Color Woods

Honor each individual and provide highly ethical services

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Leading the way in creating opportunities to change for the better

Carrie Oyama -Inner Meow

Channeling hope, and building strengths to recover, adapt, and grow successfully

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Embracing Differences

Honor and celebrate our diverse communities and our uniqueness

Our Services


The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Residential Treatment

Focused on evidence-based practices that integrate mental health and substance use interventions, treatments, and recovery, aiming to enhance individuals’ functioning and well-being in their chosen living, learning, working, and social environments.

Wellness Center

Designed to enhance well-being and recovery, and provide socialization in a caring community that fosters self-sufficiency. Participants can explore creative expression through art and music, and are encouraged to design their own wellness program based on their interests, needs, and goals.

Supported Independent Living

Offers an array of services to support clients in maintaining basic everyday needs, including housing, and in finding meaningful roles and activities in the community. Participants have access to behavioral rehabilitation as well as psychiatric medication support and assessment.

Mobile Crisis

Teams respond in coordination with law enforcement to bring behavioral health experts on scene to provide de-escalation, a mental health assessment, crisis management, and to determine the most appropriate disposition for the person in need and facilitate that process.

In Home outreach

Program provides short-term outreach and engagement to individuals living with serious, untreated mental illness in an effort to link them to behavioral healthcare and other community services tailored to their complex needs.


CalWORKs Phoenix SKILLS Program provides services to clients and their families experiencing mental health challenges that create barriers to employment and education.


The greatest service we can perform for others is to help them to help themselves.
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