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Berkeley Wellness Center

Berkeley Wellness Center, formerly known as the Creative Wellness Center, serves as an entry point to recovery/supportive services for people with a broad range of mental health needs and co-occurring conditions ( substance abuse and or mental health symptoms). The Berkeley Wellness Center services include state of the art, onsite employment pre-vocational support, linkages to housing, benefits, and primary care; case management; medication management and a full array of peer-driven support groups, recreational, wellness, and recovering programming.

Evidenced based groups include WRAP art studio/art therapy, creative writing, support group, self-esteem group, recovery group,  men’s/women’s groups, living skills, yoga, , belief exploration, distress tolerance,  pre-vocational training, and health/wellness.

BWC’s art program, funded in part by the City of Berkeley Arts Commission, has been a dynamic part of the program for many years.  There have been numerous exhibits of participants work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On behalf of our entire staff, we extend to you a warm welcome. Our sincere desire is to see that our members are fully supported in order to succeed at achieving their wellness goals. We are grateful to be able to serve the Berkeley community.

~ Greg B, Director of Acute, Residential and Wellness

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. You will see me involved in groups, and doing your initial assessments. When I’m not at BWC, my life is run by my three Chihuahuas.

Hi, I’m Suzy, and I am the clinical trainer and student supervisor at BWC!

BWC  is located at 1909 University Ave in Berkeley and is open Monday thru  Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

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For more information about programming/services, please call 510-809-3004, Today! 

6333 Telegraph Ave, Suite 102 Oakland, CA 94609
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