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Bonita House, Inc. (BHI) is offering a Creative Wellness Center aka Casa Ubuntu (House of Human Kindness) for residents of the East Oakland community. The center is an entry point to system recovery/supportive services for people with a broad range of mental health needs and co-occurring conditions (substance abuse or physical health conditions). Casa Ubuntu's services include state of the art, onsite employment services, linkage to housing, benefits and primary care; case management; medication management; and a full array of peer driven support groups, recreational, wellness and recovery programming. Casa Ubuntu will be a barrier free, family friendly, drop-in environment accessible to adults, operating 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and every other Saturday.

Location: Eastmont Town Center 7200 Bancroft Ave., Suite 267 Oakland CA 94605
Phone: 510-735-0864

Casa Ubuntu Creative Wellness Center Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00pm
Every Other Saturday from 9:00am -1:00pm

Services Provided:

  • Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Outreach and Engagement/Client & Program Support (step-down service transitioning from specialty MHS)
  • Peer driven support, Individual (one-on-one) peer support, peer led weekly wellness groups, field-trips, social/recreational activities, educational support, spiritual support, physical health support, housing support, resource referrals, peer leadership activities & family friendly
  • Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported
    Employment, referrals from Casa Ubuntu (CU) mental
    health treatment team
  • Outpatient Services are provided by  Peer Support Specialists who lead groups, clinicians, case management specialists,  an IPS (Supported Employment)  specialist and  a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who provides medication support.

Program Eligibility:

  • Alameda County Adults 25 and above who are experiencing mental health issues
  • Need additional support beyond assigned specialty programs
  • Are transitioning from their specialty programs
  • With an emphasis on outreach to African American and Latino families


East Oakland's diverse community has been experiencing a broad range of mental health, substance abuse and physical health challenges. The utilization of mental health services for these populations over the years continues to be a challenge system wide. In particular, African Americans and Latinos have historically experienced barriers to timely mental health services. Other historical barriers for both populations include:

• History of Trauma
• Crime Victimization
• Stigma
• Racial Discrimination
• Poverty and Health Disparities
• Under/Unemployment

Consequently, Casa Ubuntu's approach to care will be culturally responsive, recovery oriented, trauma informed, and highly focused on linkages to a full array of services supporting the healing process.

Throughout BHI we are committed to the provision of culturally responsive services for individuals recovering from serious mental health illnesses. Casa Ubuntu Creative Wellness Center will be a place that provides the steps to recovery and the necessary linkages to regaining one’s life.

Quarterly Survey Report

Scores for Satisfaction Survey:
1 is very unsatisfied, 2 is not satisfied, 3 is neutral, 4 is satisfied and 5 is very satisfied

1) "I like services that I receive here (at Casa Ubuntu)."
95% Very satisfied
*20 clients answered 5
*2 Clients answered 4

2) I’m engaged in a meaningful role in my life."
95% Very satisfied
*1 client rated 3
*1 client rated 4
*20 clients answered 5

3) I’m able to manage my physical and mental health needs."
85% Very Satisfied or Satisfied
*3 clients rated 3
*3 clients rated 4
*16 clients rated 5

4) "I can deal more effectively with my daily problems as a result of the services provided at Casa Ubuntu."
95% Very Satisfied
*1 client rated 4
*21 clients rated 5

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